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dog breeding
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Q:  At what age or when can I breed my female dog?

Q:  At what age or when can I breed my male dog?

Q:  How can I find a female to breed to my male dog?

Q:  How can I find a good quality male to breed to my female dog?

Q:  How can I induce a heat cycle to breed my female now?

Q:  How can I breed my dog to ensure the largest litter possible?

Q:  How do I mate the dogs?  What do I need to do the ensure success?

Q:  My male dog won't mate with the female, what can I do?

Q:  How can I sell my puppies for the highest price?

Q:  How can I save money on veterinary costs for my puppies?

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"All I Wanted Was to Find a Female to Breed to My Male..."

"When I started out, all I wanted was to find a female to breed to my dog, Blue, so I could keep a puppy.  Your dog breeding information is so thorough that you made me look like a pro with Blue's first breeding.  Now he's gotten quite popular with the ladies and truly is a Pro!" 

Chris Navarone
-Colorado Springs, Colorado  United States

dog breeding


"I Had No Idea How to Get Started Breeding Sam..."

dog breeding

"I learned so much from you!  I knew nothing about dog breeding and I had no idea how to get started breeding Sam, but I wanted a puppy out of him.  Now we both know what we're doing.  I'm so glad I found your information.  It has been invaluable to me."

Michael David
-Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States


"I've Learned a Lot of New Money Saving Nuggets..."

"Hi Jenny, I've bred cockers for a long time and I thought I knew it all, but I've learned a lot of new money saving nuggets and lots of new tricks about dog breeding from your information.  Thank you for saving me money and teaching me many things I didn't know. 

Kelly Rivers
-Donagh, Fermanagh  Ireland

dog breeding

"Your Information Saved Our Puppy's Life!..."

dog breeding

"Jenny, if it hadn't been for you, our puppy would have died.  Your information saved her life!  We would not have realized what was wrong with her and known what to do. We will be grateful forever.  We can't thank you enough Jenny!"

Justin and Sophia Garrett
-Blidworth, Notts  United Kingdom

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